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Hi. It all depends on how much you wish to spend and where you are located.
I have a reebok z9 treadmill. The programmes are not accessible but on the
arms on the lift is the incline up and down buttons and each press gives a
beep. On the right is the speed buttons, up and down and again, each press
gives a beep. With the up and down speed buttons each press increases your
speed by .1 mph, so 5.2mph, 5.3mph, 5.4mph etc. On the screen there are
buttons for all the functions but they are only slightly raised but it would
be difficult to tell which is which as there is so many so I got help to
place a little ball of bluetack immediately above the 3.7mph button, the 3.2
mph and a third but I can't remember the speed. Also there is start and
stop buttons. When you press the start button you get a five second
countdown before the belt starts moving and there are 5 one second beeps
leading up to the start of the belt. The deck can fold up to save floor
space when not in use. It has nearly a 3hp motor which gives it lots of
power. It also has a 3.5mm socket to plug in a mp3 or other media player
and it will play through the treadmills integral speakers but I never use
them as I'm not impressed with the sound quality. This treadmill is not
cheap as it was nearly £1000 but I got it here in the UK from Argos which
was selling them at half price. It is a great treadmill and I'm thinking of
moving up to the reebok z10 which is also going for less than half price.

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Hi All:

Since getting to a gym is a hit-&-miss for me, I want to purchase a
treadmill for use at home! I need one with tactile buttons that I can feel.
Anyone in the house have any recommendations?

Denver, Colorado

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