help with windows live mail on a windows 10 dell laptop.

Mich Verrier

    hello all. a few days ago I got my new dell laptop. what I got was the following. Dell 15 inch laptop with a full sized keyboard, i5 processor, 8GB RAM and a 1TB Hard Drive, a CD ROM Drive and a 4 year warranty with a copy of Microsoft Office. my question has to do with windows live mail. I am able to read my messages in my in box just fine but I want to have it set where it will read the person who is sending the message, then the subject, and have the red messages at the top and have the un red near the bottom. on my laptop running windows 7 and windows mail I have the messages set in descending order like this and I find it works quite well. I am a bit annoyed with having to use the ribbons and not being able to navigate as smoothly as I can under windows 7 do to this but if some one can please help me with getting this set up like I have outlined above then that would be grate. many thanks. from Mich. 

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