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Donald L. Roberts

Regarding ease of using the XM app, frankly I dislike it primarily because I am not able to use all of its functions.  Others are able to do more with the app than I am.  I can however find the channels I want.  But you need to know about another app called Radium which I find considerably easier to use.  You still have to have the XM app on your device, but the search field in Radium is easier to use.  For example, since I am a Cubs fan, I just type the word "Cubs" without the quote marks into the search field, and I find "Chicago Cubs home town play by play."  If I type in the word "giants," I get two responses.  I can choose either the New York Giants football or the San Francisco giants baseball feed.

Incidentally, before anyone asks, Sirius XM will tell you that the going rate is something like $14 per month.  You can usually negotiate with them.  I terminated my service for a couple of years after the merger after which I got a please come back letter with a very attractive monthly rate enclosed.  I renew each six months at which time I tell them that I will renew only if they continue the same rate.  I tell them that I can get good deals from Pandora, Spotify or Apple Music, but I would like to keep the XM because of the games.  But I won't pay full retail.  Thus far they have always gone along.  I hope that doesn't change.  If it does, I will change to tune in radio.

Don Roberts

On 8/12/2016 8:24 AM, James Hooper wrote:

How easy is the app to use?


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James, in answer to your question, although I have an XM radio, I much prefer to listen using my iPhone as an internet radio.  The sound quality using the iPhone patched into a good amplifier is far superior to that on the XM radio.  I assume that the reason is limited over the air band width and far too much compression.


Don Roberts



On 8/12/2016 6:31 AM, James Hooper wrote:

Don what are you using to listen to xm aradio the app or computer.


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I agree with you.  If you have the XM package, I would use that.  You can access the games on the radio, on-line and on the App.



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Your suggestion of Tunein is a good one.  I have an XM subscription which costs me a bit more than $9 per month which gives me all NFL,MLB, NBA and NHL games plus all of the other XM content except for Howard Stern which in my opinion is trash.


Don Roberts



On 8/11/2016 4:51 PM, Michael Mote wrote:

Ron, you would be much better off,and much happier, using Tune-in for the NFL games.  It will cost you less, and you'll be able to access the gamesmuch easier.  A premium subscription to Tune-in is $7.95 a month.  You also get the MLB games with that, along with music and audio books.  Hope this is helpful!
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Hi Group,
I used to subscribe to NFL Game Pass until last year.  Last year the accessibility of the site decreased markedly and the fee increased five fold.  I am not concerned about the fee providing I can use the site.  I tried subscribing this year again and had the same results.  Has anybody successfully subscribed to this NFL Game Pass feature and if so, can you give me some pointers as to how to do it.  My banking information has changed since then and I can't even find the link to change my subscription information.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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