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The last treadmill I had was equipped with a magnetic kill switch.  This was a cord with a magnet at 1 end & a clip at the other end.  You clipped 1 end to yourself, & put the magnetic end to thedesignated spot on the treadmill.  If you were to fall off the treadmill or stray too far 1 way or another, depending on how long you had the cord adjusted for, the cord would pull the magnet loose, & stop the treadmill.
Take care.
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Thanks Walter, Good to know.

On 8/12/16, Walter Ramage <wpr@...> wrote:
> Hi.  All the powered treadmills I've encountered (except for those in a gym)
> had arms on either side of the running deck and you can hold them to keep
> you in position.  I've had no trouble in this regard.  However there is one
> thing to keep in mind and that is the length of the running deck.  If you
> have a long stride or wish to run on the machine then it is important to get
> a treadmill with a long running deck otherwise you will find problems with
> staying on.  Also, all treadmills should have an emergency facility that
> stops the machine in the case of a mishap.  self powered treadmills are a
> different animal though and it would be wise to be sure there are grip
> handles on the machine for your own protection.  Walter.
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> I read an article a while back that compared treadmills for blind
> runners.  The control panel was a big concern, However, Staying
> centered on the actual treadmill was the biggest problem. It's hard to
> run holding on to a bar.  Some people tied pieces of rope along the
> machine so that they could get a feel for where they were on the
> treadmill itself so they didn't fall off of it.
> I'm not sure what has been done to make treadmills safe for blind
> users, but I'd ask about that as well as the actual controls.
> On 8/12/16, Walter Ramage <wpr@...> wrote:
>> Hi.  It all depends on how much you wish to spend and where you are
>> located.
>> I have a reebok z9 treadmill.  The programmes are not accessible but on
>> the
>> arms on the lift is the incline up and down buttons and each press gives
>> a
>> beep.  On the right is the speed buttons, up and down and again, each
>> press
>> gives a beep.  With the up and down speed buttons each press increases
>> your
>> speed by .1 mph, so 5.2mph, 5.3mph, 5.4mph etc.  On the screen there are
>> buttons for all the functions but they are only slightly raised but it
>> would
>> be difficult to tell which is which as there is so many so I got help to
>> place a little ball of bluetack immediately above the 3.7mph button, the
>> 3.2
>> mph and a third but I can't remember the speed.  Also there is  start and
>> stop buttons.  When you press the start button you get a five second
>> countdown before the belt starts moving and there are 5 one second beeps
>> leading up to the start of the belt.  The deck can fold up to save floor
>> space when not in use.  It has nearly a 3hp motor which gives it lots of
>> power.  It also has a 3.5mm socket to plug in a mp3 or other media player
>> and it will play through the treadmills integral speakers but I never use
>> them as I'm not impressed with the sound quality.  This treadmill is not
>> cheap as it was nearly £1000 but I got it here in the UK from Argos which
>> was selling them at half price.  It is a great treadmill and I'm thinking
>> of
>> moving up to the reebok z10 which is also going for less than half price.
>> Walter.
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>> Hi All:
>> Since getting to a gym is a hit-&-miss for me, I want to purchase a
>> treadmill for use at home!  I need one with tactile buttons that I can
>> feel.
>> Anyone in the house have any recommendations?
>> Sincerely,
>> Olusegun
>> Denver, Colorado

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