i want to import my address book from my windows 7 lap top running windows mail to my windows 10 lap top running windows live mail can this be dun? and if so how?

Mich Verrier

hi all. the subject says it all. after alot of fiddeling around with windows live mail i have got my messages inportid to this program under a new folder and in box that itcreated it's oan. i want to import my address book from windows mail to windows live mail. this address book is in a dot csv format and also is running ona 32 bit windows 7 lap top and i want to transfer it over to a windows 10 lap top running 64 bit. i would like to know if this can be dun? since the only thing i saw was import messages it said nothing about contacts. many thanks. from Mich Verrier from New Liskeard Ontario Canada. 

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