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Carolyn Arnold

I doubt it is true with Wal-Mart. My friend in Austin got hers directly from the pharmacy at her HEB store there. Rite Aid is working on getting it for me out of the mall store here in Sanford, NC.

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Hello Everyone,

I called my CVS Pharmacy and they gave me a number to call and for CVS the scriptalk is only available if you do mail order prescriptions through their mail order department. Is this true with Walmart as well?

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Vickie, Barb O'Conner sent this to the list. I thought I kept it, but after searching, it is easier to copy from my Braille file. I certainly intended to keep this information in the computer. Anyway, the company is EnVision America:



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Hi Carolyn, I had trouble finding the information to give my pharmacist to get started with Scriptalk. Would you help me get that information?

Thanks very sincerely, Vicky

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Amanda, the pharmacist at the River Burch Rite Aid here in Sanford was off yesterday, which she had told me that she would be. She said, that I had three choices, Braille, or one that they record in the lid or the ScripTalk, and we did agree on the ScripTalk.

She said that the chip has to be for the prescription from “the specialty store.” One of my two regular prescriptions is ready for refill, so she is going to get started on that. She said with the weekend being upon us and this being new to her, it could be into next week before we would know. She was so apologetic for not being able to just make it available here and now. I told her that I had not expected it and that was why I called before being close to being out of medication. So, we’ll see where we go from here. I’ll keep you updated.

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