is there a way to see if your windows 10 lap top has the anivercery update or if you are still wating for it?

Mich Verrier

hello all. i last week got a dell lap top running windows 10 and jaws 17. according to my vender the laptop was upgraded as far as they could go to windows 10 but i am not shure if the anivercery update is installd. is there a way to check this? and if so how do you go about doing this? also i want to upgrade my windows 7 lap top to windows 10 as well. i am wondering do i need to upgrade my windows 7 lap top twice? by that i meen to update to windows 10 and then go back and grab the windows 10 anivercery update and update it again? or can i just go and update it once and be dun? many thanks. from Mich.

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