Taylor talking bathroom scales

Walter Ramage

Hi guys.  Since the first of May I've been on a weight loss regime.  I have a pair of talking bathroom scales that give me an indication of my weight but like most bathroom scales are not known for accuracy.  These scales were only around £35 but although it gives me an indication of weight loss, I'm never sure of what weight I actually am as I get different readings each time I get on.  It is very sensitive to position; if you stand towards the top you get one weight, if you stand nearer the back you get another reading and if you stand in the middle you get yet another.  The same goes if you stand with your feet together or apart.  Even position and the surface they are on has an effect as does the humidity level.  In other words trying to get an accurate reading is as difficult as winning the lottery; you get lots of numbers but which is the winning one.


As a result of this I've decided to invest in a much more accurate pair of scales but the price is very much higher.  I speak of the Taylor talking scale and apart from being pretty accurate (not to medical standards) they are stylish also but that's lost on me.  These scales are £138 plus shipping but according to an independent review, they are very good and gives you consistent readings regardless where you stand on the platform.  The reason for this post is to ask if anybody on the list has a pair of these scales? and what you think of them.  Going back to the scales I have here; the difference between standing toward the front of the scale and the back and I'm only talking about an inch or so was 10.5 pounds so you might understand why I have little confidence in them  Of course, the voice is female and as with all females, you never get an accurate figure when you ask about weight.  Walter.


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