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Carolyn Arnold

Robb, try calling:

877-572-9428 -Hear Better or go to

If you call, you can talk to someone about the various
brands like Dr. Paul's, Siemens and others. I believe they
can adjust them, if you get a copy of your audiogram and
send it to them or email or fax it to them. You should get a
set for anywhere from two to five hundred dollars, maybe a
little less.

Bye for now,


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Subject: [TechTalk] A Question about Hearing Aids

I am in the market for a new set of hearing aids. Mine are
about nine years old now and not as good as they once were.
Nothing wrong with the aids themselves; it's my ears.
My question is. Does there exist some sort of centralized
clearing house that will compare your audio gram with
various aids and suggest a match? It has been my experience
that most audiologists tend to favor one brand over others.
I don't know if this is because they get kick backs from the
manufacturers, and it doesn't matter. but I want what's best
for me, not what some money grubbing private practitioner
thinks is best.

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