Re: outlook express for windows 7 issue

Dennis L

It also appears there are several copies of the same message. Do I need to
delete the account and start over?

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Do you know how to delete that folder? If you close the program, delete the
folder, then run the program again, it will create a empty and uncorrupted

Or if you don't care about keeping messages you delete as a safety measure
for a period of time in case of accidental deletion, you can save yourself
the trouble and simply use shift delete. Then press y for yes when you hear
the are you sure message begin. That deletes the message and doesn't send
it to the deleted messages folder. So if the folder is corrupted, it won't
cause a problem because the message is simply deleted.

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Subject: [TechTalk] outlook express for windows 7 issue

Hi, when I press delete on a message it doesn't delete or show up in the
deleted item folder if it does delete I have to delete it several times and
it still doesn't show up in deleted items folder how do I fix this?

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