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you haven't saved the setting.  If you ever change a setting and want to go back, use the command NVDA key control r.  That is the desktop layout command.  I don't use the laptop layout and don't know it.  That will revert to the saved configuration, the one you were using before. 
If you do accidentally change something in NVDA, don't close the program.  By default, in a very poor decision, NVDA automatically saves any settings that have been changed on exit.  Then you will have to find the command and change the setting back.  I turn off save settings on exit.  That avoids accidentally saving settings I have no intention of saving.  To change this setting, open the NVDA menu, NVDA key n.
Down arrow to preferences and press enter.
You are on general so press enter again.
Tab to Save configuration on exit
It's a check box.  Uncheck it with the space bar.  Then press enter.  The dialog closes and the setting has been changed.  But to make it permanent, save it with the command control NVDA c.  Now, if you close and run NVDA, the setting will be used permanently. 
It's far better to use the command NVDA key control c to save settings when you intend to.  This allows you to experiment with whatever you want, a different synthesizer, a different punctuation level, changes in browse mode, anything you want to change, and not accidentally save something because you forget and close the program. Or if you shut down the computer or reboot, I believe NVDA would save these changes as well since Windows shuts down programs as it shuts down or reboots.  If you turn off save on exit, as I described above and use the command NVDA control c when you intentionally want to save a setting permanently, you will avoid all these possible problems.
Remember, control NVDA key r if you want to revert to your already saved settings.  Control NVDA key c if you want to save settings you have made.   

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Somehow I accidentally hit a key  along with TheNVDA Key and turn the verbosity down to basic. Basically, I hear every key I hit while I'm hitting it. If I hit control it will say control, If I hit a number it will say the number. I can't remember how to toggle it off And I can't seem to come up with the right phrase to search for The command. Someone please remind me. I'm having to re-do everything on my computer and this added bit of annoyance is driving me more crazy then I am already feeling.

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