need to create a recovery file on external Drive for my Windows 10 OS

Moty Azrad

Dear all,
I finished to install the probrams that I need on my Windows 10 OS – after reformatting it because of a lot of troubles and errors on the system.
My question:
Do I have on Windows 10 anniversarry update the option to create a backup and recover file that will go to my external tera Drive?
So I can in future, when I need it, to go to this file on the external drive and run it and it will erase what I have on my C: Drive and put this recovery instead?
I have partition C: and D: – so I need to create the backup and recovery file only for my C: Drive.
I mean something as Ghost.
I don’t have any experience doing it, so please try to help and explain it – so I can do it independently, without any sighted assistance.
Thanks much for your respond.

Moti azrad
Musician and Piano Tuner

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