Re: need to create a recovery file on external Drive for my Windows 10 OS


To use the built-in  System Image tool to create an image do the following.
1. Press Windows key+I.
2. Select
"Update And Security"
and press Enter.
3. Select
and press Enter.
4. Tab to
"Go To Backup And Restore (Windows 7)"
and press Enter.
5. Tab to
"Create a system image"
and press Enter.
6. Make sure that the
"On a hard disk"
radio button is selected.
7. In the
"Selected Hard Disk"
combo box, choose the drive on which you want to store the image.
8. Select the
9. A list of drives and partitions which you can backup to the image will be displayed.  Your C drive should be checked/selected by default, but if it is not you can press the Spacebar to check it.
10. Select the
11. A list showing which drives will be backed up is displayed.  Select the
"Start backup"
button to create the image.
12. When the backup is complete, select the
Note that restoring the image will require sighted assistance.  You can also use third-party imaging tools such as Image for Windows
or Drive Snapshot
which are not free .  Active@ Disk Image Lite
is free, but it has not been updated since last year and I have not tested it with the new Anniversary release of Windows 10.  In either case, a third-party imaging utility might allow more flexibility and allow you to restore an image in situations where the Windows built-in System Image tool might not work.  Also, depending on how technically savvy you're feeling, a third-party imaging utility might eventually allow you to restore images without sighted assistance using the WinPE environment.

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From: Moty Azrad
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Subject: [TechTalk] need to create a recovery file on external Drive for my Windows 10 OS

Dear all,
I finished to install the probrams that I need on my Windows 10 OS – after reformatting it because of a lot of troubles and errors on the system.
My question:
Do I have on Windows 10 anniversarry update the option to create a backup and recover file that will go to my external tera Drive?
So I can in future, when I need it, to go to this file on the external drive and run it and it will erase what I have on my C: Drive and put this recovery instead?
I have partition C: and D: – so I need to create the backup and recovery file only for my C: Drive.
I mean something as Ghost.
I don’t have any experience doing it, so please try to help and explain it – so I can do it independently, without any sighted assistance.
Thanks much for your respond.

Moti azrad
Musician and Piano Tuner

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