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Chrissie Cochrane <chrissie@...>

Yes but it doesn't work even from the actual .exe file not just the


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I remember something about a parameter which needs to be removed from the
end of the command line in the properties of the desktop shortcut, but I
don't use this program so I can't be more specific.
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Hi guys,

I've been hesitant to answer every since Chrissie presented the issue
on another list.

But, I seem to recall that there is something in properties which
needs to be cleaned out.

Does this jog anyone's memory?

On 8/14/2016 4:58 PM, Carlos wrote:
See if the program is already running in the system tray.
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Oh yes indeed I tried that with no result I'm afraid.


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On the problem case, did you try Run as Administrator, with
Shift+F10, on TWBlue? And if you use the User Account Control,
you'll need to give TWBlue permission every time, unless you lowered
the percentage quite a bit.

Last week, when I ran the program for the first time in a good
while, in response to another list member who had a similar problem
to what you're having, for a few times it wouldn't run, but then I
noticed, first, a prompt to Donate Now; and then, a prompt to update
to the latest version. (The program wouldn't run, I guess, until I
dealt with those prompts. Having ddealt with them, all was well with
my TWBlue again.) (I run Chicken Nugget, and like it.)

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Hi Folks

I wonder if someone can help me.

I have two laptops running Windows 7 64 bit both of which have the
TWBlue twitter client. both have been running it successfully until
yesterday when one of the machines would not run the program at all,
either from the shortcut on the desktop or from the TWBlue.exe file.

I am running Microsoft Security Essentials so wondered whether this
was causing the problem, so temporarily disengaged it, having done a
full scan which said the computer was clean, for what that's worth..
I have tried uninstalling TWBlue completely and re-installing it,
which seems to go fine until I'm asked to run TWBLUE when, as usual
absolutely nothing happens.
I click on either the desktop shortcut or the .exe file again
absolutely nothing happensthe

It still works fine on the other machine which is from the same
company running exactly the same system and configuration.

Could it be possibly that MS Security Essentials has thought it
suspect and quarantined it or something, and if so, in case that is
the problem, how do I tell MSSE that it's a ligitimate program?

I tried the windows troubleshooting program which informed me that
TWBlue was incompatible, so I tried running it in compatibility
mode, again still nothing. to be fair, I don't find the
troubleshooter particular intuitive so may well have missed
something. yes I know I could run something like chicken Nuggets but
since TWBlue runs perfectly on my other machine it would be nice to
have it running on both. Btw, the fresh installation was from the
TWBlue website so should be okay.

thanks for any help.

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