Re: jaws 17 beta1 is out at last


if u have an sma for jaws 17 and are curently using jaws 16 license
and jaws 17 beta u will have to update to beta 2 when it comes out and
then i think rtm and then release and no problems.
if u dont have sma get it before the end of oct

On 9/18/15, Marie <> wrote:
I have never used a beta before but would like to try this one. When the
release version comes out, do you have to uninstall the beta before
installing the new version? Not a problem, just asking.

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trying this almost makes me wish I had the money for jaws.

On 9/17/15, Austin Pinto <> wrote:
hi all.
for all interested jaws 17 beta 1 is out.
this is the link to learn more.

happy beta testing

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