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You might want to wait for David Pogue's Windows 10: The Missing Manual (which is in beta reading phase at the moment).
For Quentin: Let me know if you'd like me to provide some technical info for screen reader users.

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Hi everyone,

There has been a lot of interest in the proposed "Making Windows 10 Easy with Speech" book, and we are very disappointed to have to say that production of this book has had to be put on hold due to unforeseen circumstances. However, we aren't leaving you high and dry just like that!

While the original version of the book, "Making Windows 10 Easy to See", does include topics on the Magnifier, High Contrast Mode and setting up large print, it also has an extensive section on Narrator, full keyboard commands for every task and notes for speech users where extra information is useful.

After additional testing and feedback, we are fully confident that "Making Windows 10 Easy to See" will get, particularly existing screen reader users through the upgrade and familiarisation process with Windows 10 without difficulty. We have worked with a number of users relying solely on screen readers who have used the book to transition to Windows 10 (including my good friend and IBM's accessibility specialist, Tom Babinszki, who wrote the Foreword to the book).

Because people are starting to move en-masse to Windows 10 (over 75 Million in the first month), and most of the AT Vendors have announced either current or upcoming support for Windows 10 (See my blog for more info and links:
) , we don't want you to feel left behind, so as a special thank you for your patience and support, we are pleased to extend to you the following very special and limited time offer:

For this week, "Making Windows 10 Easy to See" is on sale, at just $20, PLUS, if and when the screen reader version of this book does come out, existing purchasers of Making Windows 10 Easy to See will be offered a copy, at no charge!

See: to purchase.

Also, for any sighted family and friends, we have available the following books:
"Making Unboxing Windows 10 Easy" (Essentially the first part of the original book, but a little lighter and with less keyboard focus and without any of the "Easier to see" stuff) for only $10.
"Making Windows 10 Easy" (Essentially some of the later chapters from the original book, but again a little lighter and with less keyboard focus and without any of the "Easier to see" stuff) for only $10 - or both "fully sighted" books for $18.

Again, see: to purchase.

Kind regards, and we look forward to working with you on your Windows
10 journey!

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