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Well, you do have to remove the name, and the less than and the greater than sign, but eventually, it'll send. I do have an address book, but on the apex, which is from the district, this is what I do.

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Not sure if that's considered old school LOL. What ever works.
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Is mine like the old school method? Here's what I do. Do a reply. From
the original message, I copy the address. Then, clear the from field, and
paste in the clipboard. True, with things like thunderbird, which only
show the name, this will be a miserable failure, but things like note
takers, outlook, I believe, and outlook express should allow you to do

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It is always good to have different methods available.
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From: Gene
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I don't know if this has changed but my recollection is that if you are
using window-eyes, you can't shift tab to the to line if you are reading
mail as html. Window-eyes users may want to see if that is the case. it
is in part because of that possibility that I gave the method I did.

From: Carlos
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In Outlook Express and Windows Mail you can tab to the "from" field even
when you are viewing messages as HTML. It has been some time since I last
used Thunderbird, but I believe getting to the "from" field is not
difficult in that client either.
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From: Gene
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I haven't done this to any extent for a long time, but it is my
recollection that it isn't necessarily easy or convenient to get to the
from line, depending on the e-mail program and how you are reading mail.
For example, it may be that when reading mail as html, you are restricted
to what is in the virtual buffer. It appears that in Windows Live mail,
the to line isn't displayed at all. If you shift tab, after many shift
tabs, you get to a button with the name of the sender.
If you open the context menu and start down arrowing, you get to a menu
option that allows you to begin a new message to the person.
I gave the property method because it applies to many programs but, of
course, it probably doesn't apply to all and if people want to send other
methods' that's fine.


From: Christina Stolze
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Thank you very much for that. I will try and do that. Have a great

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Hi Christina,
You are certainly not breaking any rules. Just so you know, when
are sent to the list you can see the originating address by opening the
message and viewing the
field. Although the specifics will vary depending on the client you
running, usually you can just press Enter on the message while it is
selected in the list and then Tab or Shift Tab to the
field. At that point, you should be able to copy the originating
address to
the clipboard so you can paste it into the
field and respond to the person directly.
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I am interested and I am sorry if I am breaking any rules but I didn't
or couldn't figure out how else to get in touch with you to let you
that I would like to join your list. I mean I saw all the ways to get
touch with you but I don't use any of those ways.

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From: Beth []
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Dear list,
Have you wanted to join a blind people or disabled people's list that
didn't include political affiliation such as the NFB, ACB, or any big
time disability groups that may or may not promote access to one thing
or another, or if you like openness in a group, then the group I just
created is for you. I searched the archives and could not
a Blind Students or Careers group. I'd like to integrate both workers
and students in one group as the disabled are a small community, but
group will discuss all kinds of access issues such as classwork and
homework, social and club attendance, dorm life, apartment living,
We will also discuss what we can do as a community to improve access to
university materials, but there is one thing: no politics. We do not
affiliate or encourage affiliation with any particular disability
advocacy or consumer group. NABS is affiliated with the NFB, so we
mess with that. But my group list is free, open, and yes, the rules
not tough and you will get to meet other people in a wider spectrum.
may discuss any training centers, even the NFB ones. But we can also
discuss technology for students and workers as well. So if you are a
student or job seeker as I and my current boyfriend are, come on down.
As a real tech enthusiast, I would love to see how many of us are into
tech support.
Also, one more rule about the group: be yourselves. Talk about all the
intimate stuff in private of course, but we can discuss big time issues
that affect all university students or workers such as workplace
bullying. That settles it. Anyone who knows someone interested should
write me.
Also, if you have any idea where the home page is for the group, it's
under I shared it on FB and Twitter for those who have both.

Beth Taurasi, Windows 10 edition,
Cell: 720-435-7407
Skype: denverqueen0920
Ms_denverqueen on Twitter
Instagram: denverqueen0920
Or you can check out for more information.

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