FW: [win10] Tip: you can in fact create desktop shortcuts for universal apps #a11y #universalapps #article

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For those who are discovering the beauty of Edge, Windows 10 Mail app and other universal apps, hope the following would be useful. Thanks.




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Hi all,

A question was asked on another list regarding possibility of creating desktop shortcuts for universal apps. The answer is a resounding “yes”, as the following article points out:




1. Press Windows+R to open Run dialog.

2. Type the following as exactly as shown:


3. Locate the app you'd like to pin to desktop (e.g. Microsoft Edge).

4. Open context menu and select "create shortcut". Answer "yes" when a follow-up dialog asks if you'd like to create a desktop shortcut instead.

5. Go to desktop and locate the shortcut you've just created. The shortcut should be named "AppName - shortcut". Rename the icon label.

Turns out the above steps actually work (I have managed to create a desktop shortcut for Microsoft Edge).



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