Re: Please recommend a good and accessible YouTube downloader


You can try Freemake Video Downloader.

Brief usage instructions:

1. Copy the URL from the address bar while a YouTube page is open. Note, the program supports several other sites in addition to YouTube. I don't remember the entire list of supported websites so feel free to experiment.
2. Paste it into the main window of the program with Control+V. The URL will be added to the list for processing.
3. Tab a few times and you will see several radio buttons. If you just want to download the video without converting it, make sure that the
"Only download"
radio button is checked. If you want to download and also convert the video to another format like MP3, make sure that the
"Convert to"
radio button is checked.
4. If you chose the
"Only download"
radio button, you can skip this step. If you chose to convert the file, tab once more after checking the
"Convert to"
radio button. You will wind up in a combo box that lists the available formats. Select the format to which you want the video to be converted. MP3 for example.
5. Tab a few more times and you will find a button that is not properly labeled, but which simply says
This is a browse button. You can use it to select the folder where files will be downloaded. By default, it will save files in the
"My Videos"
"My Videos"
is only the virtual name for this folder. The actual path to this folder is
In either case, you can use the button labeled
to change it. It will remember the folder you selected between sessions and continue to use that folder until you change it again.
6. Tab once more and you will find a button labeled either
"Download and convert"
depending on whether you chose to just download or convert the file in the previous steps. Select this button and it will begin downloading and possibly converting the file.

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Hi Folks,
So, what you use to download and convert YouTube videos? I know Pontes Media Downloader, so please don't mention that. Looking for a mainstream but yet accessible one. I am also aware of Free Youtube to MP3 Classic, but it seams it's not working correctly on Windows 10. At least the update functionality is not working and complaining about a missing dll called "collector.dll"
I also not necessarily want a free one.

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