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Usually this means it is an OEM product key which generally you cannot use to activate a retail copy of Windows 7. In some cases, modifying
will allow the image to work with an OEM key, but I have read reports of this not always working.

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Seams she have the product key. She just can't download Windows using the key which is normal. That site do not work with any key I tried.

On 8/25/2016 7:47 PM, Carlos wrote:
It won't do you any good unless you have a working product key.
However, just about any machine which came with Windows 7 preinstalled
from a manufacturer should have the product key on a COA key sticker.
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Do not worry at all.
Windows 7 professional? Sorry 32 or 64 bit? Hope you know. I will send
you a download link.

On 8/25/2016 7:42 PM, Melissa wrote:
I used Active@ disk image to create my image files.

I want to download windows 7 professional, 64 bit.But, the windows
site is telling me to talk to the manufacturer and that they can't
help me with that. I will have to get the service tag number, my
computer is a dell, and go through their site to try and get a copy of
windows 7 and since my computer is out of warranty I might get charged
for it, I don't know yet.
I'm not sure what version of office I have beside it being 2007.

I have a bad headache right now so I'm going to try and sleep now.
That, or I will be slow to reply because I'm never good at getting to
sleep when I want, lol.

On 8/25/16, Edmond Nazarian via
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About the password: most likely no. What imaging software you used,
Still trying to understand what you want to download? Windows 7 or
Office 2007? If windows 7, yes. Windows 7 download still do not work
with all keys. What edition of Windows 7 do you want?
For Office 2007 also, what Office 2007 edition you have? Probably just
the Home and Student version?
Confirm these, and we'll try to help.

On 8/25/2016 7:28 PM, Melissa wrote:
For some odd reason I can't recall or put in right the password that I
had used to make my windows 7 image. I always use a variant of a few
things when I make passwords and I know I didn't put in a super hard
password for it. I'm guessing this is a no, but is there a way to get
the password from the image?
I do have an image that I took *right* after I upgraded to windows 10.
However, the option to rollback to windows 7 is not there at all. I'm
guessing that I'm just SOL with that?
Since I want windows 7 I'm guessing that I will have to do a clean
install, which is probably a good thing to do anyway.
The only issue I might have with that is I'm unable to get a download
of Office 07, even though I have the right key. I use word and excel a
lot and don't use the other tools. I'm guessing I would have to
contact microsoft accessibility for that.
After trying to download the iso file from the microsoft website, I
entered in my serial number, and clicked on verify. It tells me:
The product key you entered appears to be for software pre-installed
by the device manufacturer. Please contact the device manufacturer for
software recovery options.

So does that mean I have to harass dell for a copy of windows 7 for my
old ass computer?? I don't even think they offer support for my model
, opti plex 745.
After searching their site it looks like I need to hunt down a
sightling to get the service tag number from my tower before I can
download their media creation crap. Plus, since my computer is way out
of warranty there might be a "fee" associated with that and getting
help for it.

All I want is a clean install of windows 7 professional 64 bit,
without the crapware, that I had when I bought my computer.
Do any of you fine people have a suggestion?

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