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I usually keep my computer on and set to go to sleep after 20 minutes.
By basic tasks would using it for MS word and excel, using iTunes to
transfer stuff to my phone, and basic internet browsing count?
So far everything looks like it might be a good idea for me to save up
or look into the either the one you have or that one for under $300 I
posted before.

On 8/26/16, Carlos <carlos1106@...> wrote:
It has a very quiet fan and I have run it for a few hours at a time without
overheating, but I only use it for one purpose and I have never stressed
it's capabilities. It runs pretty smoothly for basic tasks though. It
runs my DJ software just fine which is a bit more resource intensive.
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Item Weight
2.9 pounds
Product Dimensions
7 x 7.2 x 1.4 inches
Seriously? I would love a computer that small, lol. I could get rid of
my tower and stretch my legs out under my desk.

How is the heat when running it? I imagine there aren’t big fans in
it. Right now I have a 10inch desk fan that runs on USB aimed at the
back of my tower to keep it cooler.

This one only looks interesting I think because it is faster and under
$300 and I’m cheap, lol.


On 8/26/16, Carlos <carlos1106@...> wrote:
LOL be aware that machine is tiny. It's about the size of a VHS
but more square. The one I purchased came with 8 GB. Mind you, despite
it's size, it is perfectly functional if all you want is a basic system.
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After seeing the one Carlos linked (TS M53 Celeron 4GB 500GB ) and
this other one:
I’m thinking that an SSD drive isn’t *that* important since I can
upgrade that in the future (and also have an external to use) so I
could go more for processor speed? Or I see USB 2.0 with some USB 3.0

On 8/26/16, Carlos <carlos1106@...> wrote:
That was the Lenovo ThinkCentre M53.
Although the page doesn't quite look the same and it seems a bit more

than it was when I purchased it.
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I can't recall, but got me curious on what machine you'd posted about,
guess it's been a good ways back. I know that it ran windows, but it was
one of those little tiny type PCS, almost a portable sort but still a
You remember which one it was?
On 8/26/2016 9:41 PM, Carlos wrote:
I don't usually praise individual manufacturers, but I have to say
my Dell XPS 8700 is the most stable and silent machine I have ever
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For the price, I'd say it doesn't sound bad at all and I've really

to like Lenovo, having had mine for around 4 or so years now. I'd
definitely stick with a machine that either comes with 7 or that can

downgraded, without to much trouble, but if that ends up being to
difficult, having to change over to 10 really isn't super bad.

My machine's processor is a tad bit quicker, so I can't really speak

what type of decrease you may see, but if you just want it for word
processing and tinkering about on the interwebs, I'd guess it'd work
pretty well. Just as reference, my machine is the x220, upgraded to
SSD, which I purchased later down the road and installed myself.
I've also really liked the Dell Latitude machines, but it's been a

time since I had a dell, so I can't speak to them these days.
Just a few thoughts. :)
Take care.

On 8/26/2016 9:05 PM, Melissa wrote:
Oh ... gee ... that would make sense huh? lol

I want a desktop, I would prefer windows 7 and I know that I most
likely won't find a new computer with that on it. I was thinking
buying used again off of amazon since I've had good experience with
doing that. I don't mind windows 10, but my experience is with a
computer that doesn't play well with windows 10 so a more updated
computer might be lots better.
One computer I was looking @ was:

however what sounds like basically the same thing is 4 or 5 dollars

As for price I am thinking $400 or lower if possible. But, not so
as to get a computer that would only last me for a year or so. Those
two are the same brand and are "mini" desktops and honestly they
sound bad to me, but I've been out of the loop regarding computer
stuff since I lost my site and now could care less if the computer
powerful enough to run photoshop or the games I used to play.
When I search I would like a few more specs to look for as in hard
drive types, ram, and processor type/speed. I think that is it, but
I'm sure I'm missing something.

On 8/26/16, Mike B. <mb69mach1@...> wrote:
Hi Melissa,

Just so these good folks know, what price range, Windows 7 or 10,
laptop or

desktop? This will give people a better idea as to what you want &
what search criteria to use.
Take care.
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I'm about ready to look into getting a newer if not a new computer.
would mean putting off stuff I've been saving for ... but I need a
working computer to actually make moneyand well I've been putting
getting my divorce for this long I'm thinking I can put it off a
more, lol.

I was looking at amazon to get an idea of costs and saw some
for a "mini desktop computer. My thing is that I don't need
all powerful since I usually use my computer for word processing
of things and the internet. I don't use my computer to listen to
or movies.
All I know is that I would want a faster processor, I'm thinking a
drive, bluetooth, wireless (not muy importante, and I can't think
anything else right now.

If I spend any money on something I want it to be on something that
will last for a while, not for forever, and it be possible to do
maintenance on it or maybe upgrade it.

I greatly value y'all's opinions.

Excuse me if I am rambling, but trying to talk myself out of being


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