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I don't see any reason for an SSD drive if your computer is going to be used for word processing and other undemanding work.  I haven't compared prices, but I would think you might save perhaps fifty or one-hundred dollars and have a larger drive if you get a computer with a mechanical drive. 
I don't know how much you want to spend but for word processing, e-mail  and Internet browsing, you might consider a computer from, I believe it's called computers for the blind.  I know little about them but they provide Windows 7 machines for a much cheaper price than purchasing a new computer. 

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I'm about ready to look into getting a newer if not a new computer. It
would mean putting off stuff I've been saving for ... but I need a
working computer to actually make moneyand well I've been putting off
getting my divorce for this long I'm thinking I can put it off a bit
more, lol.

I was looking at amazon to get an idea of costs and saw some entries
for a "mini desktop computer. My thing is that I don't need something
all powerful since I usually use my computer for word processing types
of things and the internet. I don't use my computer to listen to music
or movies.
All I know is that I would want a faster processor, I'm thinking a SSD
drive,  bluetooth, wireless (not muy importante, and I can't think of
anything else right now.

If I spend any money on something I want it to be on something that
will last for a while, not for forever, and it be possible to do
maintenance on it or maybe upgrade it.

I greatly value y'all's opinions.

Excuse me if I am rambling, but trying to talk myself out of being nuerotic.


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