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The registry should be backed up using a program intended for that purpose.  If you back up the registry in the way described here, then import it again using that option, you will not replace the registry.  you will be combining the old and new copies of the registries.  There are programs that will back up and replace the registry.  I'll let those who know more about them discuss them.
Also, I have no opinion about whether this means of getting updates should still be used but it should be stated that these updates are not for the standard version of Windows XP.  They are for a version of XP used in devices such as ATMS.  Microsoft advises against using these updates in the standard version of XP.  But I have no opinion about doing so.  However, people should have such information so they may make a more informed choice. 
And also, while XP will be able to be used for a good while into the future, it is gradually becoming more limited in what you can do.  Tomorrow, Drop Box will no longer support it. 
As sites gradually switch from using Flash for audio to using HTML5 for audio, it will gradually become increasingly unpleasant to listen to audio with XP.  Although HTML5 is supported by Firefox. it doesn't work properly for audio in XP.  I've tried this on two different XP machines to verify this.  Audio is choppy and is not pleasant to listen to.  you might put up with it for spoken word but you certainly wouldn't want to for music.  This transition may take years but it will happen.  Already, you need to know how to make your browser use Flash and not HTML5 if you are using a current version on some sites where HTML5 is now the default. 
I understand that there are various reasons why people use XP.  I'm pointing out that we are already seeing significant limitations imposed by continuing to use it, such as the lack of Drop Box support. 

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Hi All Running XP,
There's a .REG file available that tells Microsoft that your XP computer Is a corporate computer, & therefore you will still receive updates from Microsoft until 2019 on your XP Computers.  I know for a fact it works, because I had a XP computer I was running it on, & since I've given this computer to a friend, & it's still getting updates.  You can read about this .REG file from the URL below, & a download link for this file will also be provided in this message:
It would probably be a good idea to create a backup of your registry before running the .REG file for precautionary reasons.  Here's how:

1. Press, Windows key + R, to open the Run dialogue, type in, regedit, & press enter.  If, My Computer, is closed press the right arrow key to open.
2. Press, Alt + F, for the file menu & press enter on the, Export, option.  You will now be in an edit field so, type in what you want to name the backup file.
3. Tab past the cancel button & make sure that the, Export Range, All radio button is selected.  Tab to the, Save In Combobox & select where you want the file to go to when saving.
4. Tab to the, Save button, & press enter.  You're backup file will now be wherever you assigned it to be saved to.
Download Link:
Take care.
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