advice on a laser printer please

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Ok, if anyone can offer advice on which is the best laser printer to get based on the following, I would be so grateful.

My wife and I are totally blind, and live with no sighted assistance nearby. and up until now were using a normal cannon printer, but found, that as we did not use it much the ink was forever drying up and when we did print, and got it checked it was missing parts of letters etc, due to this.

So we thought of buying a laser printer, which would only have toner cartridge, and hopefully would not dry out the same way. We only need black and white as very rarely print colour documents. However I don't want to buy a laser pprinter which might be menu driven or suchlikes being totally blind.

Can anyone advise and are we doing the right thing switching over to avoid non printing due to drying ink cartridges?

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