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heather albright

Will a 3tb drive just run off the usb or will it have to be plugged in to an outlet with a AC adapter? Thanks, Heather

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Hi Heather,
Western Digital, the My Passport Essential is a good cost effective choice, and you will have the full volume of the drive for use, usually around 935 GB on a 1 TB drive. I believe that this drive comes in sizes up to 3 TB, and is USB 3.0 or 2.0 compatible.
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Subject: [TechTalk] best portable USB drive
Hello, I have two drives, one is a 1tb drive and the other is a 2tb drive!  I want just one drive that I can connect to my laptop!  I wanted to know if anyone has a good brand for portable usage with the laptop!  My old drive you had to plug in the AC outlet!  But, my other drives run off the usb port! I know that if you want a drive that you put in the PC after so much, you have to format it so the computer is abel to use the whole drive!
Is this the case with an external drive running off the USB port!
The one that plugged in died after five years, i think, and the other drives are full so I wanted to just have one drive instead of two! I have had them for a while my first drivewas in 08 and 10!  I know they have become smaller! 
Thank you, Heather

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