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You're welcome. My pleasure.

On 9/3/2016 11:03 PM, James Bentley wrote:
OK, this email is a keeper. It is now saved in a notes folder for


James B

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1. There are two types of resets for the player. hardware resets and
profile resets. A hardware reset will reboot the player and should be
used when the player has become unresponsive to other controls. A
hardware reset does not erase any stored data or bookmarks.
To perform a hardware reset, hold down the Power button firmly for at
least 7 seconds. A reset beep will be heard. A profile reset will clear
all information from the player including removing all bookmarks,
setting the language to English, and resetting all controls to their
default positions.
To perform a profile reset, turn off the player, hold down the Tone Up,
Speed Up, and Volume Up buttons and press the Power button. The player
will say "Creating New Profile."
2. Before upgrading your firmware, you should check the current version
of your firmware to see if an upgrade is necessary. To do so, remove any
flash drive or NLS cartridge from your player and power it on. The
player will be in key describer mode. Press the sleep key located just
above the play button fairly quickly about 10 times. The player will
begin announcing its serial number and firmware version number
repeatedly. You can stop the announcement by pressing any key.
Libraries and patrons can upgrade players to the latest software by
downloading the latest firmware, and following the below instructions.
The link to download the latest firmware and the official NLS
instructions can be found at the below link:
3. It's better to talk to your library about the issue.

On 9/3/2016 10:01 PM, James Bentley wrote:
Hi all,

I have 3 questions about my NLS talking book player.

1. Can it be reset? If so, how?

2. Where do I go to find directions for upgrading the player’s firmware?

My player only works on AC power. If I unplug the unit, it says less
than one hour of battery life left and, it immediately powers down.

3. If a reset or firmware upgrade dosen’t take care of this problem,
can I replace the battery myself? Or, am I stuck with sending the unit
back to my local library?


James B

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