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Hi all,

James, let me answer your questions after each one in the message.

Original message:
Hi all,
I have 3 questions about my NLS talking book player.
1. Can it be reset? If so, how?
Yes, it can be reset, but that will not solve your problem.

2. Where do I go to find directions for upgrading the player’s firmware?
My player only works on AC power. If I unplug the unit, it says less than one hour of battery life left and, it immediately powers down.
You probably have the latest firmware on the player, and you can't upgrade it any further. The firmware hasn't been upgraded for at least two years.

3. If a reset or firmware upgrade dosen’t take care of this problem, can I replace the battery myself? Or, am I stuck with sending the unit back to my local library?
Sorry, but that train's already left too. No, you can't replace the battery. You need to send it back. Call your regional library immediately come Tuesday morning. Do not pass go, do not collect $200.00.

What they will probably do is send you a replacement and advise you to send back the old player in the box for the new one. That way you can play your books till the new one comes. Sorry, hate to bear bad news. Please don't shoot the messenger.

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