Re: Accessible TV's and more, perhaps?

Mike Thomas

yep, I thoughtabout that after posting. But, all in all, I'll take the ability to set my washer temperature or water level, control an electric cooking device, or punch in a radio's station frequency over not having those available to me. Voice feedback would, however, be a wonderful thing in so many items.

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The only problem with this, yes you could control the TV/DVD/Blu-ray player but you wouldn't get voice feedback from the device you are controlling.

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Subject: [TechTalk] Accessible TV's and more, perhaps?

Just a thought that has ben going through my head for some time ...

If we could convince Apple to include an IR sending LED into their
products, couldn't apps be written to control almost anything that uses
an IR based remote control? In my thoughts, this would make so many
items accessible that are now not to the blind community, and combine
all remotes into one unit for the sighted and blind alike. With voice
over, we could control so many things, and it might even spur
manufacturers to make all the current touch screen stuff IR compatible
with the phones and tablets.

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