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<smiling> That's why computer training is important and why you should look for trainers who have had some experience in Education. Techies can be good trainers, but the best ones are those who've have computer training and who have also had some experience in Education so that they know how to write curriculum.

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Also, it does help to have the actual Windows concepts explained somehow
beforehand or while learning the Windows ropes, so that they be less
abstract, because it is a 'visual' system if you've not seen it: rather than
to 'blindly go where no [read person?] has dared to go before!'
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HI Rajmund,
It takes a bit of time to learn Windows 'tips and tricks,' or to put it
perhaps better, actually absorb the information. I learned a bit about
Windows before I ever used a Windows computer, by reading here and there
(though not online at the time); so I had some idea of what I was letting
myself in for. Then Windows screen-readers are really dependent on Windows
OS for everything they can do.
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