turning voice prompts on the older insignia narrator radio

Robin Frost

Hi Everyone,
It’s me again with another silly talking hd radio question. Today on a lovely peaceful clear day my neighborhood does what it’s famous for as we lapsed into a power outage due to an equipment failure oh joy (laughs). As a result of this I now find that my older tabletop model insignia narrator hd radio with voice prompts has fallen silent.  I’ve listened to the audio manual it came with twice over now and I know once upon a day long long ago I set this thing up out of the box but for some reason I’m stuck on stupid and can’t bring the voice prompts back to life. Can some kind soul take pity on me and walk me through how I can attempt to resurrect this thing?
I didn’t remember it being this difficult when I first got it.
Thanks bunches in advance for your help.

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