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heather albright

Seriesly, a program one installs the windows 10 uninstalls a program; wow! Heather

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Here's some info about Windows 10 & OE:
Information about using OE with Windows 10 or updating to Windows 10
Windows 10 users must know that automatic updates on Windows 10 removes Outlook Express.
 Every time a Windows 10 pc performs Automatic Updates, Outlook Express will be removed and need to be re-installed.
 More info about software being removed on Win 10 updates:
 In order to prevent this happen, Automatic updates must be turned off on Windows 10.
 There is a free tool below that turns off Automatic Updates on Windows 10.
Download Update Disabler
Upgrading from Windows 7 or 8 to Windows 10:
 If you are in previous versions of Windows like Seven, 8 and 8.1 and you will update your PC to Windows 10 you have to reinstall Outlook Express after upgrade.
Exclamation Before you do the update to Windows 10 it is strongly suggested to make a backup to your OE Folders and OE Address book.
How to back up Outlook Express items:
Locate and backup the Store folder and Address book
 1. Start Outlook Express.
 2. Open tray icon "Settings" menu
 3. On Tray icon settings click "Browse Mail folder" Close Outlook express and copy that folder to a USB drive (Backup)
 4. On Tray icon settings click "Browse Address Book" Close Outlook express and copy the Address book (Wab) file(s) also (Backup)
 5. Open Outlook Express and go to "Tools>Accounts" and click on "Mail" Tab. Select your mail account and click "Export" Button to save account ".iaf" file.

 When Windows 10 upgrade finished, reinstall Outlook Express and replace the files from backup to same locations. Also you can import previously exported ".iaf" account settings file.
 For any other question please contact us at runasxp@...
Take care.
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Maybe you could use Outlook Express for Windows Vista-7-8-10.
It's not free, however.

On 9/8/2016 7:23 PM, Curtis Delzer wrote:
> true, what about some other mail app with a single inbox like OE which
> works in windows ten which can import outlook express messages, accounts
> and configurations of folder trees?/
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> Curtis Delzer, HS.
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> "Edmond Nazarian via" <gocloud84@...> wrote:
>> The Mail app cannot import any E-mail messages from any other app as far as I know.
>> On 9/8/2016 5:04 PM, Curtis Delzer wrote:
>>> Hi. I have a dear friend who wishes to migrate MANY accounts and
>>> mailboxes from Outlook Express to some program in windows ten.
>>> Here is his message to me.
>>> I have loved Outlook Express for many years, but perhaps it is time to leave it with the mail app in Windows 10 anniversary edition.
>>> I am using Windows 10 anniversary edition on one computer.  I have Outlook Express using XP on another computer.  I am interested in transferring my accounts and all of my messages in the same folders configurations to the Mail app on the Win10 computer.  Is this possible?  I also have 2010 Outlook on the win10 computer.  Could I transfer in the same desired way from Outlook Express to Outlook?  Could I then go from Outlook to the Mail App?  I really don't like Outlook as it seems way too cumbersome with far more features than I need.  Thanks for any help you can provide.
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