Re: Do Not Upgrade Free Youtube To Mp3 Converter to Version 4

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Hello, the program I use is called freemake video downloader.

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I hope they will listen, but I must say that the versions I used wich
are workable, also gave me problems when downloading and converting
vidios. So I am actually looking for a better solution if someone can
suggest. I don't mind paying.

On 19/09/2015, Robin Frost <> wrote:
I know this program is popular with many thus I thought I’d alert people of
the following. Do not upgrade to version
as it is completely inaccessible. No elements of the main window of the
program can be accessed with any current version of screen readers. I’ve
tried with JFW 16 and 17 beta, NVDA 2015 and System Access.
Sadly their customer support desk is a zen desk creation thus the elements
for selecting the program and version number you’re submitting a ticket
about are not accessible.
However, their support forums are accessible and they are on social media..
Their twitter is
While it’s true that the prior version is still functional who knows how
long it’ll remain so and upon launching it’ll now alert you every time out
that there is an update.
I just thought I’d let users of this software know. Should anyone wish to
join me in politely requesting that the degradation in accessibility be
rectified that’d just be lovely.

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