Re: How do I refresh the folder list?

Edmond <gocloud84@...>

I am still wondering. What is the advantage of using WLM?
Accessibility? Got use of it? I do not want to battle but anyway.

On 9/14/2016 6:23 AM, Gene wrote:
See this discussion. I'm not sure just how to do what is being
discussed but it can be done. I might play around and see if I can see
how this is done but I don't use IMAP and I don't know if the item is
available. You don't see the item by right clicking and entering the
properties of the folder.


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WLM actually.
By the way I am not using WLM right now and honestly I do not want to
provide inaccurate information.
Also you may need to enable something called access for less secure apps
in your Google account. (not recommended for maximum security)
Maybe you want to switch to a more mainstream EMail client like Thunderbird.

On 9/14/2016 6:03 AM, James Bentley wrote:
Do you mean do this in WLM or at the Gmail web site.

When I right click and go to properties in WLM, Jaws says that
properties are not available. I must be missing something here.

James B

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Maybe you could do this in properties of that GMail account? Right-click
on the main folder and select Properties. There should be an option for
refreshing the folder list.

On 9/14/2016 5:43 AM, James Bentley wrote:
Hi everyone,

I’m using an Imap Gmail account with Windows Live Mail. I can not
delete or rename a folder that I created. I get a message that says
something like WLM can not find the Imap folder...please refresh the
folder list.

How do I refresh the folder list?


James B

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