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Troy Burnham

I'm 99% sure that in windows 7 the KB3185319 is the culprit, and unless it gets installed again the next time updates are automatically downloaded I haven't gotten the dialogue again telling me that an update is available since I rebooted a few minutes ago after again attempting to hide the update and I'm not getting the download dialogue when I open a web page.
I will report back if I have the problem again because that'll mean that the update got reinstalled despite my attempt to hide it, but I'm guessing that I won't know for sure about that until tomorrow because I'm not sure when I have it check for updates.  I seem to remember setting it up to do that in the middle of the night, but since I shut my computer down at night it likely won't check for updates again until tomorrow morning.

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I don't know what the case is in Windows 10, but I'm pretty sure that in Windows 7 it is the
"Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer"
which is causing the problem.  Perhaps the Windows 10 cumulative update includes
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Ok, all this time when the kb number was being past around, I thought that was the issue so I went hunting.  Of course, momma didn’t find it, so I did a system restore.  We all know what happened there right? If not, check the archives.

The system restore completed apparently in spite of what I did, or should I say resumed and completed.

There was an update ready to be installed I noticed and it told me it was going to restart on a certain day and time, so I just went ahead and installed it.

Well, come to find out that update I installed was the update that caused this favorites issue.

I don’t remember all of it, and I can’t figure out how to paste it here because it kept saying no text in window when trying to virtualize the window to copy and paste.

Anyways it was a cumulative update for windows 10 version 1607 and not that kb whatever from earlier.

Now everyone owes me a cigarette for all this searching!

In all seriousness, thanks to all who has contributed.


I’m going to go remove that update now, but it will come back, and in windows 10, I can’t hide the update I think.



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