Re: Exactly what really does happen if I reset Windows10 on a new Dell laptop?

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It’s more than that: it you do choose to wipe your hard drive, everything (including OEM software) will be removed (I had to do this on my Toshiba laptop a few days ago).




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Resetting is basically like reinstalling Windows.  Only software which may have been included by the manufacturer is restored.  All settings and other applications will be removed.

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Subject: [TechTalk] Exactly what really does happen if I reset Windows10 on a new Dell laptop?


Hi Group,


I would have to write a book to explain all that I have gone through with my 6 day old Dell Inspiron11 laptop loaded from Dell with Windows10.  So I will try for the condensed version.


I fell in love with the laptop at first touch but, the sound was terrible.  Loads of distortion and the volume continually changed itself all by it self.  So, I rolled the RealTek drivers back to the prior version and the laptop sounded 100% perfect. 


Then, Microsoft updates gave me the newest and latest driver update for the onboard RealTek sound which just happened to be the bad drivers that I had just removed.  Suddenly, the sound was all messed up again.


My next attempt to roll back the drivers failed several times. Then, I got MS to do a remote in on the laptop and they install the same older drivers that made the machine sound perfect again.


Carlos told me how to prevent MS from changing my drivers with future Windows updates.  And, I did that.  So, I spent around 12 hours getting every thing installed on the laptop. 


The next day, the sound was back to the same as the day before.  It turns out that Dell also sends out driver updates and this time, it was Dell who messed me over. <groan?


I ain’t all that great with even using some features on my computer much less being able to repair it when something goes wrong.  And, I have news for both Dell and Microsoft, I can break my computer just fine with out any assistance from them.


Since I had reasons to suspect corrupted files for other reasons that I won’t go in to right now, , I got Dell tech support to remote in and do a Windows reset.  I was informed by Dell tech support that the laptop would be in the exact same state as it was the moment that I took it out of the box for the first time.  I figured I could keep it off line long enough to set up Jaws, and change the settings to stop Dell and MS from helping themselves with making my computer work better.


But, after the reset that Dell claimed to do, I still had some files that I put on the computer.  I still had my log on password, the Jaws authorization key, along with other things including the stupid RealTek drivers that sound so bad.  I wonder if the Dell tech support person did an actual reset or maybe just a refresh.


So I went in to Windows and looked at the reset setting because I was considering doing my own reset. And it said that the reset action was the recommended  action for user’s to preform before recycling their computers.  This causes me to wonder exactly what the Win10 reset function really does.


Now here’s my point.  I want one of two things.  Either the computer to go back to the exact same state it was in when I booted it up the first time.  Or, I would be completely happy with a clean Win10 install with none of the original Dell software.


So, if I am not the first person that Carlos has to kick off of his new list for boring you all to death,  is there any one who can really really, tell me exactly what I will get if I reset
Win10 myself?


So sorry for what still turned out to be a book,




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