Re: The Holy Braille: A Tablet For The Visually Impaired. One of 10 innovations to win a 2016 Invention Award


Braille isn't going anywhere and it's sad to see that some wish it
would. I might not use braille as much as I once did but when it comes
to doing math in school braille is wonderful. Seeing signs with
braille makes me happy. I love the idea of a full braille page

On 9/22/16, Ann Parsons <> wrote:
Hi all,

I think it is wonderful to see all these new innovations in Braille
technology. What some of us forget is that because we're living
longer, people are gaining both deafness and blindness as disabilities.
I have been asked by our local group, here in Rochester, to participate
in DeafBlind Awareness Day, next week. Why do they want me? I'm the
*only* person in Western New York who is teaching Braille to adults.

I love audio stuff. I love to read audio books, but if I'm doing
something important, I want Braille.

Ann P.

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