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Hi Rajmund,
I've tried that way & a few more!  I cannot get it to work in OE!  I can log-in to the account on the server with no problems, we've changed security settings to allow for a less secure app as suggested plus whatever settings Carlos provided, but no damn luck!  I'm using the same settings on my account, & my Yahoo account works just fine!  A good friend took a look at the account, & even tried creating an identity on his computer & it wouldn't work for him either.  He even tried changing his account information to my wife's, but with my wife's information it wouldn't work, but with his information it works just fine.  We've come to the conclusion that there's a server issue, & not anything we're doing, or not doing.
Take care.
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Hi Mike, try without plus?

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Hi All,

Running OE 2.0 & Windows 7, i just created a Yahoo POP3 account
for my wife
using the following settings.

Below are the settings for pop mail access for your e-mail
On the General Tab:
User Name: your complete e-mail address
Password: your log-in password

On the servers tab:


My server requires authentication checkbox checked

On the advanced tab:
Server Port Numbers
If you must change the port numbers for "SSL", check the
checkboxes first,
 or the numbers you type in will not stick.

Outgoing mail (SMTP): 465
This server requires a secure connection (SSL) checkbox checked
Incoming mail (POP3): 995
This server requires a secure connection (SSL) checkbox checked

Are these the correct settings?  Because I keep getting the
Logon - Barbara Yahoo
Please enter your user name and password for the following
Logon Server:

I do not get the above message on her other identity, only the
identity, so I reinstalled OE, but that didn't help.  Any
suggestions?  All
help will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks much.

Take care.
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