Re: Flip Phone

Joseph Hudson <jhud7789@...>

Hi, I don't believe that these are Pacific to any carrier as my brother has one of these types of phones for his work and it is currently with AT&T.

On Sep 21, 2016, at 10:46 PM, Nancy Hill <girlyscream@...> wrote:


In considering replacement phones, if I had gone with another flip, I was considering the following, which I will let you have the pleasure of investigating, if you so desire.  In handling  this phone, it seemed very sturdy and had buttons, very nice, noticeable buttons.  :)

The DuraXV+ by Kyocera is a tough, dependable basic phone. Designed to meet military standards for durability, this rugged flip phone can handle water, dust, drops, extreme temps and generally harsh environments. You can easily view the screen in sunlight, use the keypad with gloves on and with Smart Sonic Receiver, you can hear calls clearly when things around you get noisy.



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