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Brian Smart created a Windows pre-installation environment for 7 a few years ago. I personally have used it several times successfully.
The address escapes my memory off hand and it is an over 4 GB download as many of these kinds of things are but it is something that has been in my tool box so to speak for quite some time. I have even used image for windows while being in there. The advantage in this instance would be that Brian's’ environment contains everything you need to install windows 7 without sited help.
My guess that creating such an animal for windows 10 would end up being so big that it would not fit on a standard DVD, possibly a blue ray although this is a little out of my area.

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The unattended script is added to the root of the installation DVD or flash drive, then when you boot with it Windows will be automatically installed assuming everything is done correctly and is working as expected.  With WinPE, you have to use it to boot and then manually run the Windows installation from your DVD or flash drive.  You do have to use Rufus to write WinPE to a flash drive, but the images are self-extracting and it is already included.
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Hi Carlos, what are the differences between the unattended installation and the Win PE environment? I’m downloading the Win PE software. Will I need to use rufus to create a bootable USB drive?



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There are really only a couple of ways to install Windows without sighted assistance and all of them may require at least some sighted assistance initially if you have no experience implementing them.


1. Unattended installation.  You can download my example unattended script with instructions here.


2. A bootable environment like WinPE.  You can boot into one of my WinPE images to initiate a Windows installation with speech.  The images and documentation can be downloaded below from the same place as the example unattended script.


3. There was a third-party application which supposedly allowed you to install Windows with speech.  I never tested the software myself, but I heard several complaints that it was buggy.  I can't remember the name of the software at the moment, but I'm sure someone else will chime in.

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Hi listers, I’m back with some more Windows7 questions. This pertains to doing a clean install of windows7.


First, is anyone aware of any software that will provide speech during the install? I realize that with earlier versions, you needed sighted help if you were going to reinstall your operating system.


Second, when doing a clean install, how long willit take to complete the installation? I’m asking so that I can make sure I have time if I’m going to ask for sighted assistance with this install.



As a side note, geek squad charges $250 for this type of service so if I can do this myself with some sighted help and then have Dell assist me with driver updates, I would rather do that than spend that kind of cash.



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