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Webvisum 0.9.5 for Firefox is now available through the Mozilla Add-ons
The developer has marked it as experimental, which may be why it's not
listed on the Webvisum site itself, but it does work well with the latest
Firefox versions. I've been using it for a few weeks now. The James Scholes
version works well too, so there are two options now. It just depends on
whether you want an officially signed build, or one from a fellow user,
though it is a user I do trust.

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The article below provides details about the source of this updated version,
a download link, and installation instructions.

Direct download link for the updated WebVisum plug-in discussed in the above
article. This link may be useful if the article disappears for some reason.

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Where can I get the new webvisum extention that will work with windows
ten? RJ

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