external drive slow to respond when I try to access it

Troy Burnham

Hi All,
I have a 4 tb external USB drive that's nowhere near full, but whenever I try to access it from my laptop it's either slow to respond and let me into the drive originally when I first click on it from windows explorer, or when it's not slow in first accessing it it's slow when I try to open a folder.
I've had this drive for a year or more and somewhere I read that it'll work with USB 3.0, and this laptop is 4 or 5 years old now so I thought that might be the problem because I thought I probably don't have USB 3.0 ports, but my computer tech looked the last time I had him do something and he said that I do have USB 3.0.  I also have the drive plugged directly into the laptop using a USB cord, so can anybody think of any reason why the drive is so slow to respond?  I haven't timed it but it takes at least 10 seconds to respond, and btw when the room is quiet I can hear a sound like the drive is coming out of hibernation or something when I try to access it.
Oh I'm running windows 7 home here.

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