Re: APC battery backup

Robin Frost

those jacks don’t allow it to connect to the internet. Rather they guard your cable connections as well from surges and the like.  So, I.E. in theory you connect your cable connection to one jack and another cable going from the surge protector to your pc.  I have never made use of such connections so can’t say more on how they work.  I just wanted to clarify. While the unit comes with software which can allow you to make various settings changes and can allow it to force your pc to shut down after an allotted time if you're not present to do so when power is lost I don’t believe it can be interacted upon remotely.  I hope that helps.

From: Donald L. Roberts
Sent: Friday, September 30, 2016 3:20 PM
Subject: [TechTalk] APC battery backup

My old battery backup died, so I bought the APC BE350G. 

As I haven't gotten an opportunity yet to read the manual, I wanted to ask a question or two.

There is a connector wich obviously allows one to connect this thing to the internet.  Just what does this do?  I suspect there may be some sort of web interface which allows the user to change various settings.  If this is so, can you please tell me just what settings can be changed.


Don Roberts

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