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Samantha’s voice I can’t understand.  The best way to describe it is someone talking while squeezing their nose.

I guess we can chalk it down to clarity, and also when samanthas voice is up loud because of my hearing impairment, it pierces my ear. I can have alex blasting and no piercing affect.


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Yo Bro,


In your opinion, how & what are the differences between the Alex & default voices?  Believe me bro, I know you prefer the Alex voice because of your hearing impairment but, I'm just curious to hear why you can hear / understand Alex so much better than the default voice.  Is it the pitch, treble, bass, or is it just the clarity of the overall voice?  Thanks bro.

Take care.
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Subject: [TechTalk] update on alex and iphone




I had to reset and erase all content on my phone again, and after setting everything up, Alex appeared. I did the same thing twice, so why did it work the second time. No need to answer that. It works and Alex is the default voice now.


Thanks to everyone who responded. It’s appreciated.



Kimsan Song



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