Time-Warner compatible modem/routers

Troy Burnham

Hi All,
The other day I asked if there are any modems or routers that aren't accessible and once I found out that it probably won't matter much I went to twc.com to see what modem/routers they recommend if I was going to buy my own instead of renting one from them, which is what I'm going to do.  On twc.com though I went to the link labeled lease or buy modem, but I can't find the list of recommended modems.  It's a combination modem/router that I'm renting now so that's what I'm going to need to get, so can somebody help me find the list I'm looking for?  Btw I have the fastest available speed for internet, so I need the list of modem/routers that can handle 300 mb speeds.  There's a link for those on the page I got to by clicking the link I mentioned above called "lease or buy modems" but I can't get the link to activate.
Thanks in advance for any help, I'll call Time-Warner, or I guess it's Spectrum now, to see what they recommend that I get if I have to but I thought I'd try to access the list that they supposedly have on the site first.

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