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Hi, in most cases, admin should work for both. You could also try leaving the password field blank. That's the 2 obvious ones, I'd try.

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From: Troy Burnham <>
Date: Sunday, October 16, 2016 9:25 pm
Subject: [TechTalk] securing my wifi modem

Hi All,

To make a long story short, after buying a new wifi modem the other day to replace the one I was using so I could save the rental fee, when I called the cable company to get them to transfer the service I was then told that the new company Spectrum doesn't charge a fee for using their modems. Unfortunately before finding that out we had already unhooked the old modem and hooked the new one up, and now that I have the original modem hooked up and functional again it appears as though my wireless connection isn't secured with a password any longer.

I went onto google and found out that I access the settings of my modem by typing, but when I do that a page comes up asking for a user name and passcode. Apparently the word admin can be used in place of the user name because that's already in that field, but I have no idea what my passcode is. Does anybody know if there's any other way to get into the settings, because if I can get in I can not only secure my connection with a password but I can also see if there's a way to change the passcode to something I can make note of. I've tried the most obvious things that I may've used as a passcode and haven't hit on it yet, I even typed admin in the passcode field thinking that it may be the same as the user name but it apparently wasn't.

I'll call the cable company and have them send a technician to fix things if I have to, but I figured I'd ask here for help to try to avoid having to do that.


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