Question regarding Microsoft Outlook 2016 and Purging GMail

Robin Frost


I apologize for the lack of clarity in my subject line. Hopefully I can ask my question in a clearer fashion; and hopefully one of our technical friends who knows way more than I do  can address this.

I’ve noticed a difference between the handling of mail in the all mail folder when accessed via IMAP through Microsoft Outlook 2016 versus Windows Live Mail.  In the latter if a message was deleted from the in box I.E. sent to trash it would logically be removed from the “all mail” folder. However, now that I’ve migrated to accessing Gmail through IMAP via Microsoft Outlook 2016 I’m noticing that when messages are deleted and sent to trash though they’ve left in box they are remaining in the “all mail” folder. Is this a bug or is there some setting I need to enable in Microsoft Outlook to cause the behavior to return to actually deleting the message from “all mail” when deleted from in box once again? For as it stands this could lead to a huge stockpile of unwanted email remaining in the “all mail” folder.

Thanks for bearing with my explanation and any light you could shed on this for me.




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