Re: a question regarding USB dongles


When the bluetooth adapter is plugged in, the bluetooth icon should appear in the system tray.

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Subject: [TechTalk] a question regarding USB dongles

I have three dongles that I don't remember which is which. I had them
seperated, but the fun thing of a sighted person "organizing" things
mixed them up for me.
I know one has to be the USB dongle for my wireless mouse, that I
don't use anymore.
Another has to be the USB dongle that I purchased to add bluetooth to
my computer.
The other ... I have nfi what it is for.

I plugged each one in and check the device manager, one says 2.6 GHZ,
another says lan wireless, and I forgot what the other said. I believe
it had a number that I googled which didn't help me much.

Does anyone have a suggestion as to how I identify these dongles?

Thanks much,

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