app for facebook and windows 10

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Is there a new app for using facebook easily with windows 10? I used to use socialeyes. I also have windoweyes, is there an app to work with that?


the partition

On 10/25/2016 1:36 PM, Carlos wrote:
If you only want to recover the files, you can try something like
If you want to try restoring the partition itself, you should try
AOMEI Partition Assistant
or PartitionGuru.
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Subject: [TechTalk] recovering a volume?

Hello I accidently deleted the volume on my 3 terabite external
drive I is there a program that will be able to recover a volume?
after I realized my mestake, I didn't try to work on it any
further don't want to make it harder to access the stuff.
I accidently did this via the computer management if any one can
help it would be greatly appreciated.

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