Acoustic shooting

Walter Ramage

Hi Guys.  When I went back to college to train as a therapist one of the entertainments on offer was to join the acoustic shooting club.  I enjoyed it but eventually stopped because one I wasn't very good and second and mainly, I had so many case studies to take care of and course work to keep up with.  Some folk were able to keep up with the workload better than I and could spend time with the acoustic club regularly and get involved in international competitions.  For those who are unfamiliar with acoustic shooting it involves a regular hi quality, high precision air rifle and a laser that is identical to a telescopic sight mounted on top.  The targets are regular targets but the concentric circles are graduated in shades of grey going from dark on the outside to white as the bull's-eye.  The laser is zeroed in just like a normal telescopic site and as it acquires the target it has a low hum.  As it tracks in and crosses the various bands of grey and goes towards the bull's-eye the pitch increases until the white bull's-eye causes a very high pitch squeal.  The further away the target the more precise one must be in ones movements and to hold the bull's-eye you need a very steady hand.  We were for safety reasons shooting in an auditorium and the targets were placed around 100 feet away.  To assist the rifle was placed on a tripod for stability but more experienced shooters could free stand and also some could lie prone.  As I said, I wasn't very good but didn't have the time to develop any skill that might have been latent.  By the way, if you were shooting in competition and or with more than one person at a time and for accuracy then the shooter would wear a pair of headphones which were in stereo so you could tell when you acquired the target if you had to move left or right, or up or down.  The main reason for my post is to ask if anyone has their own acoustic rifle?  Back in 2004 they were quite expensive but I think the laser took up most of the cost but the rifles were not cheap by any means.  The rifles operated via a small canister of compressed air to avoid having to crank it each time you wanted to take a shot.  I would like to get my own rifle and maybe join a local club if I can find one close by.  And I just wondered if the advance in technology has brought the prices of the lasers down.  If you have any information, would you shareit please.  Walter.

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