Re: getting a copy of windows 10 on dvd


I believe the Media Creation Tool
can still do this.

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Subject: [TechTalk] getting a copy of windows 10 on dvd


Is it possible for me to download a copy of windows 10 to put on dvd or can
I get a copy to make into a dvd so I can reinstall if necessary?



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The included Active@ Disk Image Lite seems to work well enough, but any
imaging application which can be made portable should work. I primarily use
Image for Windows
and Drive Snapshot
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Subject: [TechTalk] Windows Recovery on a Stick

Carlos, this is primarily for you, as what I'm doing is probably right up
your alley.

I'm building a Windows Recovery stick. It's going to have your TWPE as a
bootable base, I just need to know which software you recommend for image
backup and restore these days. Maybe things have changed since you built
that thing last? What are your thoughts?

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